Most women in Yavuzeli prefer to stay at home instead of attending courses. They have lots of excuses like having children who go to school and lots of housework etc. For some women their problem is their husbands. Some of the men don’t want the wife to attend this kind of activities. Because of these problems of finding new students it was difficult to prepare the exhibition materials. Sometimes the teachers only talked with the women and collected their opinions about the subject of the project. The teachers tried to reflect the women’s opinions in objects which were finally made by themselves. Nevertheless the teachers tried to make the women take part in the preparation step whenever they wanted.

For the exhibition the Turkish group has prepared three dolls, representing the clothes and lifestyle of women in three generations in Yavuzeli.
Also on display is a t-shirt: The two sides of the female face show the bright and lively side which women can only show at home and the opposite, the hidden side, which is shown in the public, where life is not enyoyable.