The project aims at the support of women to have better chances for social participation considering the different traditional backgrounds and the challenges of a changing society

  • by  reflecting female life concepts and showing the intergenerational transition of female roles in different cultures
  • by raising the awareness of mothers that they are role models for their daughters
  • by broadening women’s horizons through identifying the influence of religion, tradition and the media
  • by making use of the potential of cultural heritage
  • (handicrafts, tales, folksongs, folkdance) to raise self-understanding and self-esteem based on old (female) traditions
  • by developing forms of intercultural dialogue that promote empathy and tolerance, a change of perspective, and the breaking of stereotypes
  • by using creative methods like drama, photography, painting, collages to reassure equal participation of all women considering their different educational backgrounds (language barriers etc)
  • by encouraging women to increase their educational level, to overcome inner and outer barriers and to create new life concepts
  • by exchanging examples of good practise for teachers working in multicultural environments