European Women between Tradition and Transition
Transnational meeting in Ulm November 8 – 11, 2007

Frauenakademie (Women’s Academy) Ulm, Germany
Gesa Krauß and Gabriele Welke

Organizers of all countries:
Anne Marie Kristensen, Lone Yolal, Denmark
Ferten Djendoubi, Monique Poujol, Blandine Tomas, France
Elisa Fernández, Marisa Gomez, Damiana Gonzales, Spain
Funda Uguz, Eda Göksan, Turkey

Contents of the kick-off meeting
Presentations of the different partner organisations
target groups
Discussion about
aims and objectives
activities of the first year
work in local project groups
topics of the travelling exhibition
project website
rules of communication and cooperation
Supporting programme
sightseeing in Ulm
dinner party with participants   of the Frauenakademie Ulm
presentation of the Ulm
workshop’s results on „Women in Progress“ (spring 2003) and on “Role Models” (spring/summer 2004)

The main topic of the project - and also of the exhibition - is female life concepts.Intergenerational changes will be demonstrated through different texts, photos, objects which stand for our experiences in the tradition of grandmothers–mothers-daughters.
All women who are involved in the project (students/ teachers/ organizers) can work on this topic.
All institutions establish working groups with their students. They work on the common topic with their own specific methods and resources.
The first presentation of the travelling exhibition will be in October/ November 2008 in Copenhagen.