European Women between Tradition and Transition
Transnational meeting in Marseille March 4-8, 2009

Centre d’Information sur les Droits des Femmes (CIDF) Phocéen, Marseille, France Christine, Ferten, Catherine

Organizers and teachers from

Casa de la Cultura Getafe, Spain
Women’s Academy Ulm, Germany
Yavuzeli Adult Education Center, Yavuzeli, Turkey
Dayhighschool for Migrant Women, Copenhagen, Denmark
Students from Germany and France
The colleagues from Cyprus did not attend the meeting.

Presentation of the participants
Presentation and approval of the agenda
Latest news from the coordinator
The domestic situation and women’s rights in France
The launch of the exhibition
Visit to the social centers La Garde and Del Rio
Evaluation and feed-back

For this project the CIDF worked with women living in the outskirts of Marseille with mainly migrant population. Two social centers offered cooperation in order to support participation of women of their neighbourhood.
In workshops at the social centers women talked about the change of women’s roles based on their personal and/or migratory stories. Together with an art teacher they created objects for the exhibition. They were part of the preparations for the transnational meeting and they had the chance to travel to Turkey, Denmark and Cyprus. They gained a lot out of all activities concerning the project.

Visit to social center La Garde
Presentation about the philosophy of the institution (Social Therapy)
Meeting with another European Learning Partnership “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Women’s life”

Visit to social center Del Rio
Highlight of the visit in this social center was the workshop “Self-Defence for Women” The participants learned to say a powerful “Stop!” - with voice and body. Afterwards a delicious multi-cultural lunch, cooked by the multi-cultural hosts, was served and all guests got presents to take home.

Supporting programme

Cooking at La Kuizin
The workshop took place in a cooperative restaurant. The intercultural kitchen group produced lunch for all other participants who meanwhile put up the exhibition for the launch. The outcome was a big success: a three course meal à la Provence.
Show Hop!Hop!Hop!- a performance with little stories, rhymes and finger games playing with the different languages of the guests
Round-table conference “European and Mediterranean, a new territory?” a public discussion about impacts of this new regional strategy - on the situation of women.
Live Show with Christina Rosmini “Sous L’Oranger” –a hymn to women and to their freedom, in the Mediterranean and elsewhere
Excursion to the wild coast of the Calanques