European Women between Tradition and Transition
Transnational meeting in Copenhagen October 22-26, 2008

Daghøjskolen for Indvandrerkvinder
(Dayhighschool for Migrant Women), Copenhagen, Denmark
Anne Marie, Hanne, Hafide, Lone and Dzemilla

Organizers and teachers from
Casa de la Cultura Getafe, Spain
CIDF Phocéen, Marseille, France
University of Nicosia, Department of Education, Cyprus
Women’s Academy Ulm, Germany
Yavuzeli Adult Education Center, Yavuzeli, Turkey
Students from Denmark, France, Germany and Turkey
Presentation of the participants
Presentation and approval of the agenda
Latest news from the coordinator
The domestic situation
The GRUNDTVIG conference in Istanbul – Intercultural Learning
The launch of the exhibition
Presentation by the French students
The visions of the project
Evaluation and feed-back

Supporting programme

Body Awareness Therapy (BAT)
In BAT we use daily and simple kind of movements to help you improve the motor patterns of your body. By doing the exercises you economize the energy in your body. This will give you a feeling of relaxing and having extra energy for other things which are important for you. For instance it could be getting rid of a pattern where you worry too much about things.

The workshop was an intercultural workshop. The main goal was to produce lunch for all the participants sharing the experience of working together without a common language. We produced salads from different regions in Europe and made traditional Danish cakes.

The History of Nørrebro
The workshop was an introduction to Nörrebro where »Daghojskolen for Invandrerkvinder« is located. We walked through the old working class area and the new social housing. The often violent history of the area was told.

Women in Denmark
Lone gave a presentation about women’s history, especially women’s rights and women’s education in Denmark.

Treasure Hunting in Golden Age Copenhagen
The treasure hunting is a workshop that we often use for our students for getting familiar with Copenhagen. It is a self-activating non-guided tour. The goal was to see the old parts of Copenhagen and experience the feeling of the city. The treasure was a graphic poster, won by the German team.

On the last day we celebrated Gabriele’s birthday with songs from all countries and a special Danish birthday cake.

GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships Conference about  »European Experiences in Intercultural Learning« in Istanbul October 9-12, 2008
Two Colleagues from Denmark and France promoted the work of our Learning Partnership with a small exhibition for the European fair at the opening of the conference. They had many visitors and after returning home they got mails from organisations interested in further cooperation.